Free, Smart Solutions for Busy Agents

We know you LOVE being a real estate agent ─ we love it too! This business is exciting, challenging and ever-changing. Being a Realtor® is more than just sales; it involves every facet of a business. You need to know how to market yourself in print and online. Technology know-how is a must, but understanding how it fits into your business can be tricky. You also have to be able to write well and understand the complexities of mortgages, contracts, and negotiations. Continuing education is a must in this industry, and let’s not forget about networking, social media, website, leads management, importing, exporting ─ the To Do List is endless.

Fitting in all of this expertise and setting up systems takes time. And you are busy. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to our ERA Entourage concept.

What if you had a team of experts ─ an entourage if you will ─ help you in any area you need at any given time? At ERA Central Realty Group we have just that: an entourage. We recognize that it is not possible for one person to be good at everything or to have the time to do all that is needed to run a successful real estate business. The ERA Entourage exists to enable you to build a great business.

The ERA Entourage is a group of very talented and resourceful people that love real estate as much as you do and are dedicated to getting you more business and providing you the life balance you so deserve.

AGENT DEVELOPMENT – In-house certified trainer provides our ATM Courses, one-on-one instruction and online training custom built around your needs.

THE IMAGE MAKER – If a logo, bulletin board or custom graphic design is what you crave, then this chick can turn your ideas into something awesome.

THE MEDIA MAVEN – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ─ oh my! Posting is her pleasure. She makes social media make sense and work for you while you do other things.

THE MANAGEMENT MAGICIANS – With a combined experience of too-many-years-to-admit, the management team works with you to help you tap into your full potential and expand your business.

ASSISTANTS WHEN YOU NEED THEM – A pool of gals with much experience in all that is back-office real estate without the hassle of hiring/firing/paying/training one yourself.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The ERA Entourage is provided to you at NO COST. Seriously. No gimmicks, no games, no cost. And did we mention our special commission plans? No kidding! Just ask us.

You’re BUSY. We get that. We also know that you’re SMART. That’s what we love about you! Experience the collaboration without obligation and take your business to new heights. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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