Does Real Estate Technology Drive you BANANAS?

Although the definition of technology is “the practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area”, many real estate professionals define technology as gadgets (computers, mobile phones, tablets), countless Internet sites, an endless number of passwords, and an arm’s length list of the latest apps that all promise to be the only app you’ll ever need to run a successful real estate business.

That is life today; we cannot escape it.

At ERA Central, we understand that you may struggle with the myriad of real estate technology and we are here to help! The ERA Entourage will sit with you to understand your specific challenges and create work-arounds for you so you can get back to growing your business. From setting up your computer with shortcuts and systems for saving passwords to teaching you how to work your leads in today’s technology landscape, we provide one-on-one assistance, live training and online training. The ERA Entourage helps you to bridge the gap between your grassroots real estate business and the technologies that make real estate work.

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